Focus on Our Future

Focus on improving sustainability and reliability of our infrastructures; this would take into account climate change and population dispersal. Next, development of a robust cybersecurity event and incident repository will provide guidance towards the future, by learning from the past. Dedication to knowledge development through research will provide the solution.

Bridge Knowledge Gaps

Develop a program to bridge any knowledge gaps between private and public sectors, business and government; this will be achieved through end-user awareness, training, and webinars. As long a our infrastructures, and cybersecurity, continues to plague humanity, our expertise will always be needed. Knowledge through intelligence enables positive change.

Opportunity through Innovation

Defining, developing and estblishing innovative capabilities by providing both analyzed and open-sourced information to both private and public sectors. Formalized education capabilities, customed specifically to critical infrastructure assurance and protection programs, establishes open dialog with academic institutions, business and government.