Current Project

Project NINJA

Project NINJA [Network INtellignce Joint Analysis]

Infracritical is currently in the process of creating an entire suite of enumeration and discovery scripts for use with the NMAP network port scanning application. Custom scripts are designed for specific architectures, based on manufacturer, series and models. Output has been standardized that may be incorporated with commercially-available products, such as Splunk, Industrial Defender, JIRA, and more.

This product will utilize a web-based interface for easy access and processing, based on results returned from each script initiated. The eventuality is a commercially-available project for use by both private and public sectors.

Anticipated proof-of-concept (POC) by the end of Q3-2017; final product commssioning no later than EOY 2020. For more information, please refer to our contact page for contact information..

Project Details

  • Web-based front-end interface for ease-of-use.
  • Backend scripts capable of working with NMAP.
  • Many popular manufacturers will be supported (i.e.; Siemerns, Moxa, etc.).