Completed Project

Project SHINE

Project SHINE [SHodan INtelligence Extraction]

Infracritical conducted an exercise slightly over the course of two-year period, in an effort to ascertain just how many project control devices, along with supporting devices, such as serial-to-Ethernet converters, controller equipment for specialized functions, medical engineering equipment, and more. After slightly over the two-year period, almost 1000 search terms, with over 2,200,000 devices, were discovered.

The findings report is provided, along with several presentations outlining our discoveries. For reasons of national security, Infracritical WILL NOT provide specific details from the project, which include: specific IP addresses, any site names associated, the specific search terms, or any discovered configuration information. We feel that such information cannot be disclosed, as this information may be weaponized for ulterior reasons.

Project Details